How Omega-6 Reduces Heart Attack Risk?

Continuous research is being carried out in order to find out effective and natural ways of reducing heart attack risk level. Historically, it is the consumption of Omega-3 or fish oil which has helped out our body in fighting heart diseases and heart attacks. In recent times, a good number of studies have been launched which justifies the correlation between Omega-3 fatty acids and lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Just apart from dealing with a heart attack, the fish oil is showing better signs in curing or controlling high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
Even if you just check many quality online sources, you will easily come to know how much Omega-3 has helped out countless people in achieving better heart condition. These studies or researches have forced American Heart Associate to take a notice and suggesting people with heart diseases to improve Omega-3 in their routine diet. One can easily consume fish oil by eating fishes like tuna or either in the form of supplements or capsules available in the market. These studies have definitely shown a huge amount of promise in fighting against heart disease or heart attacks. The consumption of Omega-3 will not only decrease chances of a first heart attack but the fish oil is highly recommended for post-heart attack patients if they want to remove chances of a second heart attack.

omega6 reduce heart attack risk

omega6 reduce heart attack risk

What Makes Fish Oil So Effective For Heart?

We have surely mentioned about the positive effects of fish oil in attaining a healthy heart what are the factors which make the oil so effective. Omega-3 fatty acids are basically made up of 3 components: DHA, EPA, and ALA. These three components will act individually or in tandem to reduce heart attack or heart diseases.

DHA which plays the most crucial role is highly essential for heart health. Unfortunately, our body is simply not able to manufacture enough amount of DHA which is required to keep our heart in good condition. One can easily treat is as an alone factor which makes it crucial to add Omega-3 in our diet. We need to consume dietary supplements or food stuff like fishes which supplies enough DHA to our body. The amount of DHA present in our brain directly relates to its functionality. So, fish oil benefits are not only restricted to our heart but we can also gain higher brain function. If you still doubt the use of fish oil supplements, in my own opinion you are making a huge mistake.

Fishes or fish oil supplements should always be treated as perfect sources of necessary DHA which is highly critical of our bodies. It is the consumption of Omega-3 capsules which supply the highest amount of DHA.

Omega-3 fatty acids have also found highly effective in decreasing the risk of atherosclerosis, which is one of the main contributions to heart disease and another one is arrhythmias. When you are able to reduce these two factors by consuming fish oil, it will automatically lead to adequate heart health.

Another significant factor which contributes towards healthy heart is the reducing inflammation and the growth of prostaglandin. With the use of fish oil, we can easily reduce the triglycerides which help in improving our heart condition. Triglycerides are a form of fats present inside our body which leads to coronary artery disease and results in major heart attacks. The recommendation of 2to4 gram dose of DHA and EPA by the American Heart Association will result in 50% reduction of triglycerides.

Omega-3 also helps in preventing blood clots and lower blood pressure which are extremely vital for our good heart. The combination of higher blood pressure and blood clots can easily create an environment in our body which could lead to stroke or heart failure. Another reason which contributes to the effectiveness of using Omega-3 or fish oil for reducing heart attack risk is that Omega-3 acids help in increasing HDL cholesterol. This increased HDL is extremely helpful in keeping our arteries and blood vessels from getting blocked after the bypass surgery.
We can carry on in a similar manner and keep introducing the benefits of fish oil in making our heart healthy. Healthy heart and brain can easily result in happy living so neglecting Omega-3 or fish oil is bit foolish decision. If you still want to explore more details about the relationship between fish oil and healthy heart, it would be ideal to approach quality online health nice sources. You will easily find many online sources and more reasons to include fish oil in your diet.