All You Need To Know About Omega-3 Fats!

An Introduction

For beginners it would be nice to understand, our body is made up of 100 trillion individual cells and Omega-3 is a crucial part of the cell membrane of every single cell. Omega-3 is a highly crucial EFA (essential fatty acids) and our body demands an adequate supply of these fats in order to maintain and promote desired health. If you are paying plenty of attention to natural ways of obtaining these EFA’s, I am sure you are heading in right direction.

What is Omega-3?

Cheap Fish Oil from Madre Labs

Cheap Fish Oil from Madre Labs

Before getting deep into Omega-3, it would be crucial to understanding that good fat is really good and we must be fully aware of the fact, all fats are not bad. As mentioned Omega-3 is an essential part of Essential Fatty Acids or ‘EFA’s”, they are very nice fats and our body needs them. Essential Fatty Acids are basically polyunsaturated fats as they are given huge importance as our body can’t manufacture them. These fats could only be obtained from external sources or in simple words; we must consume adequate food items which are rich in essential fatty acids. Just like Omega-3 other crucial EFA’s are Omega 6 and Omega 9.
In our regular diet, we do get enough Essential Fatty Acids like Omega 6 and Omega 9which are sufficient to fulfill demands of our body. However, we need to understand our normal diet intake is offering Omega-3 far below the desired level. With fewer amounts, it becomes really hard to maintain our health in top-notch condition.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 correct ratio

Latest studies of human nutrition have revealed that our body should be able to maintain the delicate 2-1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6. In our body, the amount of Omega-3 should be at least twice the amount of Omega 6. But in reality, most of the individuals are having a ratio of 15-1 of Omega 6 to Omega 3 which is simply unacceptable. Huge intake of Omega 6 is disturbing the ratio and we need to get it right by following natural ways. We need to understand that our Omega 6 intake is not too high but it is the low consumption of Omega-3 which is leading to serious health issues.

The adequate supply of Omega 3 Essential Fatty acids it the prime cause of preventing and aiding a good number of common health problems. Even, if you search online, you will easily come across many sources revealing true importance of consuming Omega-3 EFA’s in an adequate manner. These EFA’s are the best known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Only due to these properties, highly concentrated Omega-3 is recommended by most of the doctors.

Benefits Of Consuming Omega-3

With our dedicated efforts and detailed search, we were able to find following important benefits of Omega-3:

1. According to doctors and nutritionists, positive results have been observed when Omega-3 is used to aid focus and concentration in individuals suffering from ADD.

2. This Essential Fatty Acid is extremely popular for lowering blood pressure and dealing with bad cholesterol. Adequate consumption of EFA’s will significantly improve overall heart health. Omega-3 in our diet could easily protect us against stroke caused due to plaque buildup or some sort of blood clots in our arteries that lead to the brain.

3. Studies have also shown, the EFA’s is effective enough to cure intestinal disorders such as IBS and Ceoliacs diseases.

4. The appropriate consumption of EFA’s will surely promote the brain function and helps in achieving better mental clarity along with improvement in skin conditions.

Omega-3 VS Fish Oil

fish oil

fish oil

The discussion about Omega-3 is incomplete if we don’t mention important Fish Oil details. In order to start with we need to understand it the Omega-3 content in the fish oil which makes it beneficial. Fish oil is of no use if Omega-3 is not present. Not even a little. It is the Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids which are healthy for our body and not fish oil. Just like any other nutritional supplement, we must only select quality fish oil which at least offers a fifty percent ratio of Omega-3 to fish oil. Only high-quality fish oil is able to maintain such demanding ratio.

Hopefully, we were able to justify the exact importance of consuming Omega-3 for living a healthy life. Don’t waste a moment and purchase a top-notch fish oil which contains enough EFA’s and helps in maintaining adequate Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio in our body.