Omega-6 Natural Sources

Omega-6 fatty acids are found in a selection of different natural sources, generally various foods and vegetable oils. Today, we cover some of these omega-6 natural sources, with additional details to go through more information on the source itself. Please keep in mind that these different items may have varying levels of omega-6 as compared to one another, and even as compared to themselves in different circumstances (for example, not all soybean oil will be produced identically or have the same levels of these fatty acids).

Acai berry

acai berries

acai berries

Recently, a craze related to acai berry as a supplement intended for weight loss and other uses has been spreading. While it is not certain whether the acai berry is actually useful in many of these claims that come with it - increased heart health, better sleep, lower cholesterol levels, improved energy levels, etc. - what we do know is that the acai berry contains omega-6 fatty acids.

So what is the acai berry? It is the fruit of a species of palm tree known as the acai palm. The plant is native to certain locations within South and Central America. When sold as a dietary supplement, it is often marketed in the form of the whole fruit, or turned into juice, tablets, powder for instant drinks, etc. Amongst its claims are that it has antioxidant properties, however, its level of antioxidants is only considered around middle-of-the-road. For instance, its juice (from commercially available juice mixes) rated lower in antioxidants than pomegranate and blueberry juice, amongst others, while above apple and orange juice, etc.

Additional natural sources

Some oils that omega-6 can be found in include corn, cottonseed, soybean and flax seed oil. For those who like poultry, it can be obtained dietarily in turkey, chicken, duck, etc. Some of the other possible sources range from nuts and pumpkin seeds, to avocado, and even to eggs. Whole-grain breads are also a potential source for those looking for omega-6 in their diet, without going to the use of supplements.