Omega-6 Research

What are the Omega-6 acids?

Omega-6 is the type of fatty acids, similar to Omega-3s. These types of acids can't be produced in human body, but are playing a vital part. We can get omega-6 acids from food or supplements.

Fatty acids are important for brain function, healthy skin, hair growth, good bone health and even regulate the metabolism in our body.
It is necessary to seek medical advice if you have a case of eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, diabetes, morbidity of the mammary glands. There is evidence that vegetable oils that contain gamma-linolenic acid affect the reduction of convulsive threshold, therefore, when taking anticonvulsants, one should be extremely cautious and also consult a specialist.

In addition, gamma-linolenic acid is able to reduce or increase the effect of various drugs.
Due to the fact that unsystematic and excessive consumption of fatty acids can adversely affect the body, you should monitor your diet, for the most part adhere to the Mediterranean diet and control the intake of fats.

Omega-6 is an essential fatty acid, obtained only with food, due to the fact that our body is not able to synthesize it itself. (source)

Taking of Omega-6 reduces the manifestation of neuralgic diseases, helps to fight inflammatory processes, treat arthritis, reduces symptoms of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, promotes lowered blood pressure, which respectively reduces the risk of a heart attack, and takes an active part in maintaining bone tissue's health. (source)

The greatest amount of Omega-6 is found in safflower, grape seed, sunflower, corn, cotton, soybean, sesame oils, as well as poppy seeds and walnut oil.

When taking the fatty acids it is very important to observe their balanced intake - 2 to 1, where 2 is Omega-6 and 1 is Omega-3. (source)
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Omega-6 acids are a stimulant of cellular activity with the growth of skin and hair, bone tissue (maintaining its health).

There are several types of Omega-6 fatty acids. For the most part, for example, linolenic acid is present in oils of vegetable origin, such as primrose oil, borage oil and black currant oil.

Experts suggested that gamma-linolenic acid affects the decrease in elevated blood pressure, with regular intake, at a dosage with of 6 grams of black currant oil.

Taking omega-6 fatty acids can lead to various negative effects. Prior to taking this supplements you need to learn more about daily intake and have a talk with your doctor.

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