Fatty Acids in Details

Fatty Acids and Sources

Fatty Acids and Sources

Essential fatty acids are basically unsaturated fatty acids which are mostly available from vegetable oils, seeds, nuts and some fishes. These fatty acids do offer a lot more benefits in comparison to saturated fats found in the meat. For sure, essential fatty acids will have a positive impact on your cholesterol along with triglyceride levels in the blood. These fatty acids are referred essentially as they can only be achieved via healthy diet and extremely important for our normal body growth and adequate functionality of muscles. Consumption of fatty acids further ensures our nerve cells work properly and overall leading to improved brain functionality. Essential fatty acids are further classified as Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids.

In order to start with Omega-3 fatty acids are mostly found in fish oil and is a type of polyunsaturated fat. Cold-water fish including salmon, trout, tuna and cod will act as a rich source of Omega-3. The two most vital forms of Omega-3 fatty acids are EPA and DHA which are also known as good fats. EPA, when consumed, will try to prevent blood clotting and helps in attaining better arterial functions. If you have already suffered from heart attack, consumption of Omega-3 will ensure the second stroke never happens.

DHA, as we know, is a major component of human brain and aids in improved transmission of nerve impulses. 

Overall it is easy to conclude the use of Omega-3 fatty acids will assist in achieving good heart and brain.

The second type of fatty acid is Omega-6 which is not found in fish oil and mainly available from animal products like dairy and meat. These fatty acids are commonly present in cooking oils like olive, sunflower, soybean, sesame and a lot more. Too much consumption of Omega-6 essential fatty acids will only create an imbalance of prostaglandins and only result in a huge number of health problems.  A balanced diet will always have 2:1 ratio of Omega3 to Omega 6. Yes, it is our modern bad eating habits which have resulted in more Omega-6 fatty acids in our body than Omega-3. It is the increased Omega-6 amount in our body which is resulting in more heart attacks

Omega-6 fatty acids are dependent on Omega-3 fatty acids in order to offer health benefits but less consumption of fish oil is leading to severe health issues. If we continue to follow poor eating habits, we are found to face heart attacks and other diseases.

Getting aware of fatty acids is the demand of hour as it will allow us to get out of severe health problems. We need to make sure, enough fish oil or Omega-3 is consumed for achieving adequate fatty acids balance. For individuals who are not able to consume fish due to some reason, the availability of Omega-3 pills and capsules will solve out the issue. One can also further erase all doubts regarding fatty acids by following true experiences of individuals who have applied these fatty acids and enjoying healthy living.