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Omega-6 daily intake

Gamma-linolenic acid alone or when taken together with Omega-3, helps with a decrease in elevated blood pressure. According to one carried out study, with the participation of people who had high blood pressure, experts suggested that gamma-linolenic acid affects the decrease in elevated blood pressure, with regular intake, at a dosage with of 6 grams of black currant oil. If we compare the control group with the group receiving the same oil, there was a decrease in diastolic blood pressure noted.

You shouldn't also exaggerate the dosage and periods when taking Omega-6. The increased content of Omega-6 in the body can provoke inflammatory processes, heart disease, cancer, asthma, arthritis, depressive condition, while its moderate content has a beneficial effect on the human body. With participation in the study of elderly people, the data obtained from its results showed that due to Omega-6, mortality decreases, which once again proves the effectiveness of taking Omega-6.

It is important to establish and maintain a balance of these essential fatty acids. As experts point out, the ratio of 2 to 1 is optimal, where 2 is Omega-6, and 1 Omega-3. There is no necessity in taking Omega-6 in the form of dietary supplements; it can be obtained from food. Gamma-linolenic acid is one of the components of (in addition to the aforementioned oils) spirulina or blue-green alga.
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Omega-6 is the type of fatty acids, similar to Omega-3s. These types of acids can't be produced in human body, but are playing a vital part. We can get omega-6 acids from food or supplements.

Omega-6 acids are a stimulant of cellular activity with the growth of skin and hair, bone tissue (maintaining its health).

There are several types of Omega-6 fatty acids. For the most part, for example, linolenic acid is present in oils of vegetable origin, such as primrose oil, borage oil and black currant oil.

Taking omega-6 fatty acids can lead to various negative effects. Prior to taking this supplements you need to learn more about daily intake and have a talk with your doctor.

You can get omega-6 complex with omega-3 acids in various forms. We checked 1288 variants of omega-3-6-9 and offer you our ranking.