Are There Other Less Polluted Sources of Omega 3?

Flaxseed is being incorporated by those that are aware of its Omega-3 contents. It is in the form of ALA and must still be transformed by the body into EPA and DHA, a less efficient absorption, but Flaxseed has many other benefits that certainly outweigh the conversion factor. Some of the benefits of taking Flaxseed in a finely milled form is that it can be mixed directly into your morning cereal, such as oatmeal or other minimally processed cereal. The box of milled Flaxseed usually suggests pouring at least 1 tablespoon over your cereal and that you should drink a lot of water along side or shortly after. Because of the naturally high fiber content of milled Flaxseed, it will regulate your G.I. processes and aid in any passed constipation problems.