Is Fish Oil All About Omega-3? Check Out The Reality!

Fat Extremely Crucial Part Of Our Diet

fatty acids in capsules

fatty acids in capsules

Not all fats are bad and there are some good fats which will surely keep our health in very good condition. Fat, as we all know the second most abundant compound present in our body and water, is surely number one. Our body can only make saturated and monounsaturated fats by making use of carbohydrates. Apart from these fats, our body also demands essential fatty acids like Omega- and Omega-6 but unable to manufacture it. In order to attain good health, we need to consume certain food items which have the potential to serve essential fatty acids and remove their deficiency. Another interesting fact is, our brain demands plenty of Omega fats for proper functionality.

Fish Oil Or Omega 3 - A Brief Introduction

Omega -3 is a part of unsaturated fatty acids and holds a key position when it comes to proper functionality of heart and brain. Many individuals worldwide do believe, fish oil is all about Omega-3 but reality is a bit different. Generally, Omega-3 essential fatty acids don contains many other important fats like DHA and EPA. Even fish oil contains DHA and EPA, but they are bit different from the ones served by Omega-3.

A little more research behind Fish Oil

The biggest reason behind huge confusion is whether fish oil Omega-3 supplementation is better than plant based Omega-3 supplementation is due to the fact even fish oil contains similar Omega-3 fats like DHA and EPA which are plant based. Both these supplementations hold importance and we need to consume them in an appropriate amount in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

Ideally, we need to get confused and make sure our body is served with Omega-3 fatty acids on a regular basis. With adequate consumption of Essential Fatty Acids, it is possible indeed to get rid of many heart problems. These fatty acids or Omega-3 are extremely effective in reducing inflammation along with controlling blood clotting in arteries.

Adding fish oil to our routine diet will further ensure increased memory. There is no point in getting confused and neglecting the importance of fish oil. The only aspect of concern is the adequate dosage level. Some of the fish oils do supply harmful metals like mercury. Taking health expert guidance will further ensure we don’t consume Omega-3 with these heavy toxic metals.

Understanding true value of fish oil or omega-3 is extremely critical if we really want to face tough challenges of modern life. With better heart and mind, our potential to face difficult tasks will improve a great deal. For people, who are willing to buy fish oil supplements, it is vital to check purity. Some of the online stores are serving poor quality supplements and we need to avoid them by all means.

Bottom line!! Healthy body is not completely depended on fish oil but still it plays a major role if want to maintain our mind and body in good shape.